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Aqua Live Australia jest Wyłącznym Importerem i Dystrybutorem Płynnego Magnezu Karma Rub 

Magnez jest minerałem śladowym wymaganym przez ponad 300 funkcji enzymatycznych w ludzkim ciele.

Naturalny Płynny Magnez Karma Rub z Podziemnych Źródeł  Australijskiego Stanu Wiktoria  ma najwyższe stężenie naturalnego  chlorku magnezu


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Karma Rub – Najlepsza przyswajalność

Magnez jest wymagany przez ponad 300 funkcji enzymatycznych w organizmie człowieka. Magnez może mieć pozytywny...

Rutyna pielęgnacyjna z magnezem

Czy zdarza Ci się dotrzeć do końca tygodnia i żałować, że nie masz więcej wolnego...

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  • So far so good.. after lots of research into best product to help with pain of fibromyalgia and costochondritis. I found out about karma rub and looked into it deeper read reviews etc. ... Travelled 25 miles to fetch this from the only place local in fact in wales that does it .phoned ahead to make sure they had some in when I got there lady behind counter couldn’t believe I’d gone there just for this they had only bought 6 bottles and had had no feedback didn’t know much about it and wasn’t till I rung they looked into it more and have ordered more some for themselves. They only had the little bottles in and only 3 left which I bought but ended up selling one to a gentleman in shop who had overheard my conversation with chemist and wanted some for his wife .. Anyway First night had best night sleep had in a long time after rubbing in where the pain is which is lots of areas and rubbing it in feet for sleep as recommended and used it today and not got rid of my pain but has eased it so I can get on with my day better so I am sold on this product will def be buying more and hoping the relief will continue ..

    Nicola Hughes Smith Avatar Nicola Hughes Smith
    1 listopada, 2017

    I'm coming back here to register that I'm very happy with the product. I suffered for almost 2 years with plantar fasciitis and after starting to use the product the pain gradually decreased and it also helps me when I feel muscle pain. Thank you very much Karma Rub. I hope to be able to buy the product in US.

    Adriana Santi Avatar Adriana Santi
    15 marca, 2018

    This. Is the only thing and I've tried many different creams that has actually worked free from the pain of Arthritis. .I can't believe the difference it has made to me . Amazing ...

    Val Lewis Avatar Val Lewis
    2 maja, 2018
  • I bought Karma Rub Australia about Two years ago. I have used it ever since. I use it for my restless legs, Sciatica, headaches and to help me sleep with a few drops of Lavender in it. It's absolutely amazing stuff and I'm thrilled to bits you can buy it here now. I'd recommend it to anybody.

    Catherine Garrard Avatar Catherine Garrard
    24 października, 2017

    Doesn't do much for restless legs. However, nice to smooth on skin and has a lovely smell.

    Mary Butcher Avatar Mary Butcher
    11 kwietnia, 2017

    This really does work for me and my daughter. Even on headaches it's my new life saver. I have arthritis plus many other things and this helps me a lot. My daughter has nerve damage to her arm and she swears by this now and she doesn't take any other pain relief with it.

    Kelly Rogers Avatar Kelly Rogers
    29 października, 2017
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